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Full List of Nigerian 36 States and Capital And Their Slogans



List of Nigerian 36 States and Capital And Their Slogans With Current Governors

How many states are in Nigeria? Is FCT a state? In this article, we’ll share with you a comprehensive list of Nigerian 36 states and capital and their slogans. Also, you’ll find information about the current governors of each state, and links to universities in each state.

There are 36 states in addition to the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja, which makes Nigeria a sovereign state. It is home to around 250 distinct cultural groups, the most prominent of which are the Hausa/Fulani, Yoruba, and Igbo.

When the British Protectorates of Northern and Southern Nigeria were combined in 1914, the area that is now known as Nigeria became a colony of the United Kingdom. Independence was achieved in 1960, and republic status was attained in 1963.

The nation is located in Africa on the coast of the Gulf of Guinea, and its capital and political center is the city of Abuja. Nigeria is home to a great number of natural attractions and animal sanctuaries.

Waterfalls, deep rain forests, savannas, and unique primate habitats may be found in national parks and other protected places such as Cross River National Park and Yankari National Park.

The country of Nigeria is home to a wealth of natural resources, most notably significant reserves of petroleum and natural gas. Niger is to the north of Nigeria, Chad and Cameroon are to the east, the Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic Ocean is to the south, and Benin is to the west. Nigeria has a total land area of 356,669 square miles (923,768 sq km).

In terms of government, Nigeria is divided into six geopolitical zones. Each zone is made up of at least six states, and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, is the center of government. Nigeria is a federation of 36 states and capitals and one Federal Capital Territory in West Africa.

Nigerian 36 States and Capital And Their SlogansNigerian 36 States and Capital And Their Slogans

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What are the Nigerian 36 states and capital and their slogan?

The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria says that each of Nigeria’s 36 states is a semi-autonomous political unit that shares power with the federal government. Each state has its own government and constitution.

Before it gained its independence, Nigeria was divided into only three areas: the northern, the eastern, and the southern divisions. The nation is home to three main ethnic groups and languages: the Hausa, the Igbo, and the Yoruba, with English serving as the country’s official language.

The most important nation Christianity (Protestant, other Christians, and Roman Catholic), Islam, and traditional beliefs are the many forms of the faith.

For the sake of our conversation, we are going to zero in on the many slogans that are associated with her states and capital, as well as the names of her states and capital.

You will have a better understanding of the names of Nigeria’s 36 states, as well as its capital and slogan, after you have finished reading this page. You will also find out the year when each of Nigeria’s states came into existence.

Nigerian 36 States and Capital and Their Slogans With Current Governors

S. No State Capital Slogan Current Governor
01 Abia State Umuahia God’s Own State Alex Otti
02 Adamawa State Yola Land of Beauty Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri
03 Akwa Ibom State Uyo Land of Promise Umo Eno
04 Anambra State Awka Light of the Nation Charles Soludo
05 Bauchi State Bauchi Pearl of Tourism Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed
06 Bayelsa State Yenagoa Glory of all lands Douye Diri
07 Rev. Fr. Hyacinth Alia Makurdi Food Basket of the Nation Samuel Ortom
08 Borno State Maiduguri Home of Peace Babagana Umara Zulum
09 Cross River State Calabar The People’s Paradise Bassey Otu
10 Delta State Asaba The Big Heart Sheriff Oborevwori
11 Ebonyi State Abakaliki Salt of the Nation Francis Nwifuru
12 Edo State Benin City Heart Beat of Nigeria Godwin Obaseki
13 Ekiti State Ado – Ekiti Land of Honour and Integrity Abiodun Abayomi
14 Enugu State Enugu Coal City State Peter Mbah
15 Gombe State Gombe Jewel in the Savannah Muhammad Inuwa Yahaya
16 Imo State Owerri Eastern Heartland Hope Odidika Uzodinma
17 Jigawa State Dutse The New World Umar Namadi
18 Kaduna State Kaduna Centre of Learning Uba Sani
19 Kano State Kano Centre of Commerce Abba Yusuf
20 Katsina State Katsina Home of Hospitality Dikko Radda
21 Kebbi State Birnin Kebbi Land of Equity Nasir Idris
22 Kogi State Lokoja The Confluence State Ahmed Usman-Ododo
23 Kwara State Ilorin State of Harmony Abdul Rahman Abdul Razaq
24 Lagos State Ikeja Centre of Excellence Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu
25 Nasarawa State Lafia Home of Solid Minerals Abdullahi Sule
26 Niger State Minna The Power State Umar Bago
27 Ogun State Abeokuta Gateway State Dapo Abiodun
28 Ondo State Akure Sunshine State Rotimi Akeredolu
29 Osun State Oshogbo The State of the Living Spring Ademola Nurudeen Adeleke
30 Oyo State Ibadan Pace Setter State Oluseyi Abiodun Makinde
31 Plateau State Jos Home of Peace and Tourism Caleb Mutfwang
32 Rivers State Port Harcourt Treasure Base of the Nation Siminalayi Fubara
33 Sokoto State Sokoto Seat of the Caliphate Ahmad Aliyu
34 Taraba State Jalingo Nature’s Gift to the Nation Kefas Agbu
35 Yobe State Damaturu Pride of the Sahel Mai Mala Buni
36 Zamfara State Gusau Farming is Our Pride Dauda Lawal

Did You Know?: The elected governors in the march 18, 2023 governorship elections comprises 18 newcomers and 10 returning members. Eight states – Anambra, Bayelsa, Edo, Ekiti, Imo, Kogi, Ondo, and Osun – were excluded from the transformative events. The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) will hold off-cycle elections at different periods over the upcoming three years for these states to establish their respective governors.

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NOTE: Kogi State, Bayelsa State, and Imo State, experienced an off-cycle election on 11th of November 2023, and the outcome are as follow:

  • Ahmed Usman-Ododo – New Kogi State Governor (Re-elected)
    Douye Diri – Bayelsa State Governor (Re-elected)
  • Hope Odidika Uzodinma – Imo State (Re-elected)

Now, we have an updated list of Nigerian 36 states and capitals and their governors.

Fun Facts About States in Nigeria

  • The motto “Centre of Excellence” is mostly due to Lagos state’s massive population, which is three times that of Nigeria’s largest state, Niger state.
  • Niger State is home to three of Nigeria’s main hydroelectric power plants. “The Power State” is its slogan.
  • “The Fountain of Knowledge” was Ekiti’s previous slogan. It was renamed “Land of Honour” in April 2019.
  • Cross River is the only state with a tourist destination in nearly every LGA, which is why the state’s slogan is “The People’s Paradise.”
  • Ibadan, the capital of Oyo state, is greater than Ekiti, Abia, Lagos, Imo, Anambra, and Ebonyi combined.
  • Bornu state’s tagline, strangely, is “The Home of Peace”.
  • Nasarawa has at least 20 identified natural resources. It’s no surprise that its slogan is “Home of Solid Minerals”.
  • Oyo state is known as the “Pace Setter State” since it is the home to some of Nigeria’s FIRST. For example, Liberty Stadium was the first stadium in Nigeria and Africa, and Western Nigerian Television (later NTA) was the first television station in Nigeria.
  • The tagline “Farming is Our Pride” refers to the fact that over 80% of the population in Zamfara are farmers.
  • Niger state is known as “the confluence state” since it is located at the junction of the Niger and Benue rivers.

Geography and Location of Nigeria With Map

Let’s take a fantastic voyage through the geography and location of our beautiful Nigeria. Imagine the map of Africa; Nigeria is like a heart, beating in the western section of the continent. It is a country with various landscapes and an extensive heritage of culture, making it a really unique location on our lovely planet.

Nigeria is located between latitudes 4° and 14° N and longitudes 3° and 15° E. This means we’re nestled just above the equator, which adds to our warm and tropical environment. To the west, we have in common borders with Benin, while to the east, we share borders with Cameroon. We are bounded to the north by the enormous expanses of Niger and Chad, and to the south by the blue waves of the Atlantic Ocean. This strategic standing not only provides us with a diverse range of landscapes, but also places us at a cultural crossroads.

The Nigerian Map Showing All 36 States & FCT


Nigeria is enormous! In actuality, it is Africa’s 14th largest country, having an area of around 923,768 square kilometers. Because of its size, it is home to a wide range of landscapes, from the Sahel savannah in the far north to the lush rainforests in the south. Plateaus and hills characterize the central area, with the famed Jos Plateau standing proudly as a natural fortress in the heart of our country.

Finally, Nigeria is not only geographically diverse; it is also culturally diverse. From ancient trade routes to imperial influences, our strategic location has played an important part in defining our history.

Nigerian 36 States and Capital and Their slogans (summary)

Nigeria has more than 220 million people, which is about the same as Brazil’s population. Areas that make up the Nigerian 36 states and capital were all made at different times, but not always in the same order.

In alphabetical order, here are the 36 states and their capital cities:

  1. Abia (Umuahia)
  2. Adamawa (Yola)
  3. Akwa Ibom (Uyo)
  4. Anambra (Awka)
  5. Bauchi (Bauchi)
  6. Bayelsa (Yenagoa)
  7. Benue (Makurdi)
  8. Borno (Maiduguri)
  9. Cross River (Calabar)
  10. Delta (Asaba)
  11. Ebonyi (Abakaliki)
  12. Edo (Benin City)
  13. Ekiti (Ado-Ekiti)
  14. Enugu (Enugu)
  15. Gombe (Gombe)
  16. Imo (Owerri)
  17. Jigawa (Dutse)
  18. Kaduna (Kaduna)
  19. Kano (Kano)
  20. Katsina (Katsina)
  21. Kebbi (Birnin Kebbi)
  22. Kogi (Lokoja)
  23. Kwara (Ilorin)
  24. Lagos (Ikeja)
  25. Nasarawa (Lafia)
  26. Niger (Minna)
  27. Ogun (Abeokuta)
  28. Ondo (Akure)
  29. Osun (Osogbo)
  30. Oyo (Ibadan)
  31. Plateau (Jos)
  32. Rivers (Port Harcourt)
  33. Sokoto (Sokoto)
  34. Taraba (Jalingo)
  35. Yobe (Damaturu)
  36. Zamfara (Guasau).

Abuja has been the capital of Nigeria since 1991, but prior to that, there have been other official and unofficial capitals.

There’s no doubt that each state has the qualities written in its motto. So, if you’re Nigerian, tell us which state you’re from.

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