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    Whether you are questing for the best Catholic schools in Sydney or looking for the best Catholic state high schools in Sydney. Finding the best answer to these questions can make for a serious debate.

    Here in this article, we shall go way down to discuss the best primary schools in Sydney. So, you are never in doubt again when you want to make your choice!

    Sydney takes education very seriously, and that is why it is required that between the ages of 6 and 16, children in Sydney have to get a basic education.

    You realize then that apart from the basic need of being educated, the child has to get the best of it. I can tell you this with all sense of responsibility, you need to know where this best education can be inculcated, and that is exactly what we are going to unravel here in a jiffy.

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    Catholic high schools in Sydney have minimal requirements to admit students.

    One only has to pay a minimal amount for tuition when he or she attends a Catholic systemic school. Usually, citizens and non-citizens who are in the Catholic faith opt for these schools.

    More so, Catholic schools have as many facilities as other private and public schools in one of Australia’s most populous cities.

    They offer as much exciting a learning experience as every other private high school in Sydney or public high school in Sydney would.

    Sydney is one place you want to be as an international student. If you are one like us who loves the sight of beautiful things, then the Sydney Opera House or the Sydney Harbour Bridge among many others will satisfy your curiosity. The former is one of the most popular venues for performing arts known all over the world.

    So let’s delve right into the top ten Catholic schools in Sydney.



    YEARS Kindergarten – 12
    PHONE +61 2 9569 6111
    ADDRESS 38 Renwick Street Leichhardt, NSW, Australia 2040

    With a wide range of choices of schools to pick from, this is where you are sure to find teachers who encourage minds to think, hands to create, and hearts to love.

    All over the suburbs of Sydney are spread about 150 Sydney Catholic schools, these include both primary and secondary schools.

    The schools have been placed in strategic locations based on the parish of each church.

    For purposes of clarity, we shall list out a few like St Fiacre’s Catholic Primary School, Eileen O’ Connor Catholic college, Casimir Catholic College, and St Pius’ Catholic Primary School among many others.

    The group of Sydney Catholic Schools has both single-gender and co-education systems.

    This may include all-boys school and at other times only females. While some operate within Grade 9 to Grade 12, others comprise of are a blend of both primary and high schools (Grade 3 to Grade 12).

    In addition, some offer only primary school education, while others admit students from Grade 7 to Grade 12. Some like the Marist Catholic College offer education from Kindergarten to year 12.

    The Sydney Catholic schools are bound with the vision of growing excellent, faith-filled students, who look out for each other and learn how to connect with God and themselves.

    Through proven platforms of excellent teaching and learning, students are made to reach out to people even outside their schools.

    The Catholic schools admit students irrespective of their background. The schools ensure that a Catholic child attends his or her Catholic local school.

    Sydney Catholic schools welcome everyone as long as they shall be ready to respect the Catholic values and beliefs.

    The Catholic Primary Schools begin enrollment for an academic year from March while the secondary schools begin about two years prior.

    The teachers have been proven to improve student learning experience using research-driven methods to implement excellent education.


    YEARS Kindergarten – 12
    PHONE (02) 9235 0500
    ADDRESS 2 St Mary’s Road Sydney, NSW 2000

    Standing out as not just the oldest school in the Archdiocese of Sydney and the oldest Catholic school in all of Australia. For over 190 years the school has been reputable for its consistent tradition of excellent delivery.

    As a sequel to what we stated earlier, the school is an all-boys school that is majorly sponsored by the congregation of Christian brothers.

    Do you want to learn and master a musical instrument? The school creates the best environment and policies that enable students to not just learn but be professional at what they do musically.

    With no age disparities, students are placed into music ensembles with other students with similar playing experiences.

    In this, the student’s community engenders a connection with people of like minds who walk together to develop and polish their talents.

    The school is dedicated to authentic learning, which encourages students to be lifelong learners. The methods applied in the school are such that can make the student well-rounded both spiritually, socially, academically, and otherwise.

    The students are also fully involved in sports and sporting competitions.


    YEARS 7 – 12
    PHONE 02 9749 1919, 02 9644 7217
    ADDRESS 7-8 Campus: 37 Regent Street, Regents Park NSW 2143

    9-12 Campus: 13 Park Rd, Auburn NSW 2144


    Trinity Catholic college was founded in 1995. Formerly there had been three schools that operated separately from which the school formed a merger.

    St Peter Chanel Girls high which was located at Regents Park, Benedict College in Auburn, and St John’s Regional College, two of which were purely for girls.

    It is after this merger that the school has opted for a co-education system and admits students from grade 7 to grade 12.

    In 1992, the three schools merged for a co-educational system. The school plays out its motor “truth, courage and community.”

    Priority is placed much on students becoming the best they can be. Strategic goals are set to foster students’ continuous growth through a well-planned curriculum and teachers who have the student’s best interests at heart.

    Through contextualized, motivating, deep, and communal learning strategies, the school makes learning easier for the student.

    Students also have fun times in the visual arts center, creative and performance arts center, and even more fun at the music classes.

    Many other extracurricular activities include soccer, tennis, cross country, self-defense, yoga, Zumba, etc.


    YEARS Kindergarten – 12
    PHONE (02) 9957 5000
    ADDRESS K-6 Campus: 40 Ridge StreetNorth Sydney, NSW 2060

    7-12 Campus: 270 Miller Street North Sydney, NSW 2060


    Situated On the lower North shores of Sydney, Marist Catholic college is the only school to offer catholic co-education from kindergarten to year 12 in its suburbs.

    Education in Marist Catholic college began as far back as 1888 with 65 students. The school had massive enrolments and was moved to another site. Since then the school has not ceased to prove time and again its aim to teach students what is central to life.

    Apart from concentration on academic education, the school is poised to discover and develop the talents of every student.

    The school aims to create a balance between the student’s mental growth and their preparation for the society that awaits them.

    Students are taught how to seek God and to work to the service of humanity. It aims to create men of good character and balance.

    With Mary the mother of Jesus as its model, students are taught overarching principles that will later make them responsible adults.

    The school accepts admission for students from all religious backgrounds and churches, so long as they respect its belief and sacramental practices.

    Parents who also require support for the education of their wards are not denied support as they can access the Catholic Education Foundation for a bursary.


    YEARS Kindergarten – 12
    PHONE +61 2 9286 9500
    ADDRESS Sydney Square, Sydney NSW 2000

    One of the oldest and best Catholic schools in Sydney is the fifth on our list.

    Founded by Alfred Barry, the third Bishop of Sydney, Metropolitan of New South Wales. The school was first intended to give the choristers that then served in the cathedral a classic yet free education.

    It had its little beginnings after which its resilience caused it to make its way to the limelight in 1982 when it began its outdoor education.

    In recent times, this institution has made an unarguably positive impact on its students and to the society at large, which has boosted its reputation and made it outstanding, this includes it creating awareness for the 2000 Paralympic Games among others.

    The school started as an all-boys school but currently runs a co-education system.

    Many times there have been royal visits to the school choir. This includes the visit of the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh in 2006 and that of the Prince of Whales among many other visits.

    Sports and games are part of the extracurricular activities that keep students enjoying themselves while they get their high school education.

    Sports facilities in the University Of Sydney have been made accessible to the students. The musical concerto has been said to wow everyone who listens and keeps their toes on the move while listening to the students perform.

    With some notable performances like children of Eden, guys, and dolls, and the wizard of Oz.



    YEARS Kindergarten – 12
    PHONE (02) 9602 4555
    ADDRESS K-10 Campus: 53 Bigge Street Liverpool, NSW 2170

    11-12 Campus: Casula, NSW 2170


    All Saints Catholic College is the perfect definition of contemporary education carried out in safe and nurturing environments underpinned by gospel values.

    With a wealth of experiences to offer the students throughout their duration in school, the school imparts in students the virtue of being lifelong learners.

    The school offers a wide range of co-curricular activities that helps them express themselves in many ways.

    These co-curricular activities boost the confidence, commitment, and self-worth of students, It also encourages them to be innovative while they have a sense of belonging in the school community.

    These activities may include club activities like robotics, public speaking, and many others.

    The school also offers dance programs, music programs, and their unbeatable choir team who have always worked happily together at the music and arts performing center.

    Admission is always done with open arms to students from all religious walks of life, those with religious backgrounds, and students from Orthodox backgrounds so long as they are prepared to respect the sacramental and liturgical beliefs of the school.

    Admission is for both males and females and begins officially in March beginning from kindergarten to year 12.


    YEARS 9 – 12
    PHONE (02) 8372 4400
    ADDRESS 17 Comer Street, Burwood NSW 2134

    To ignite your passion and watch you become the best version of yourself. This remains the objective of the Southern Cross Catholic Church.

    More than being a high school, the school equips students with vocational skills that keep them ahead of their peers.

    Beginning at the level of understanding of every student, the school gives world-class, student-centered teachings.

    As a co-educational day school, the school like several other schools we have reviewed was formed from the amalgamation of schools.
    The school provides a premiere personalised learning approach to its students.

    Someone would not be mistaken to call the school a center for innovation, considering the vast services it offers to students.

    With a focus on empowering the individual, the college provides career pathways that help them have access to training apprenticeships.

    Many of its students have received specialised training and obtained nationally accredited qualifications and HSC.

    One of the qualities that make the school stand out is because the school administers its training using professionals and industry experts.

    Using state-of-the-art facilities, the school offers an excellent approach to teaching and gives the student industry experience while in high school.

    The school’s southern cross advantage aids students to gain higher-level education certificates I and II. Students graduate from this school and are work-ready.

    With its multiple affiliations with business and industry partners, It is no surprise that the school graduates have been finalists on a very regular basis at the NSW awards.

    The programs include baking, electrotechnology, furniture making, information and digital technology, photography, sports lifestyle and recreation, music and performing arts, sports, and tons of others.

    Admission is open for students from all religious backgrounds who will respect the school’s sacraments and beliefs.

    The school admits students from year 9 to year 12.


    YEARS 7 – 12
    PHONE +61 2 9988 6200
    ADDRESS 325 Mona Vale Road, St Ives NSW 2075

    One of the single-gender schools is Brigidine College. The school is an independent girls’ Catholic secondary school.

    Established in 1954, the college has gained its repute from the public as one of the best schools in Sydney.

    It was established by the Brigidine Sisters, a group of 8 women who were dedicated to being at the service of others through evangelism and education of youths and thought it would be nice to open schools for the poorer and higher classes of children that were in the neighbourhood.

    They succeeded in this venture and their impact left an imprint in the sands of time, Brigidine College being one of them. With their motto as “women of strength, women of gentleness.”

    The sisters were the pioneer teachers of the school when it all started with 9 students. Somehow they looked beyond the numbers and saw what they stood for to be their priority.

    The type of education offered at the school is such that can make any student grow up with an impression that she is born for excellence and also to create the same in the lives of others.

    In recent times the school has grown to become one of the top-ranking Catholic schools in Sydney.

    The school now has facilities like a gymnasium and courts for basketball, volleyball, and netball, a visual arts Centre, a classroom for design and textile, seven science laboratories, a recreation area, and the Kinkead library.

    The school admits only females and has a curriculum educating its students from grade 7 to grade 12.



    YEARS Kindergarten – 6
    PHONE (02) 9764 1184
    ADDRESS 88 Churchill Avenue, Strathfield, NSW 2135

    It was established by the Dominican sisters in 1925. The School has created a curriculum that encourages students to explore their talents and capitalize on them.

    As a dynamic learning community, it offers an updated method of Administering teaching to the children. It is no doubt the reason why the students have been exceptional in their performances at external examinations.

    With a focus on making sure that students with specific talents are spotted and made to develop in them and this includes every child because every child has a talent.

    This is why the school is being recognized widely and appears on the NAPLAN honor role.

    The school has through the faith of St Martha as its example inculcated values like faith, hospitality, and service in its students.

    The school is among the 150 low-fee schools in the archdiocese of Sydney and prospective students do not have to worry much about a financial burden.

    Celebrating the Catholic faith, the students are nurtured earlier in a religious environment where prayer and good moral values are taught, social outreach is carried out, students also share faith with others.

    The students also participate in creative and performing arts like being in the music ensembles, sports activities like swimming, cross country, and science competitions.

    New families from the Catholic faith various religious beliefs who will respect the church values and sacraments are welcome for admission.

    Admission begins officially in March and students in primary school must commence school before they turn six years of age.


    YEARS Kindergarten – 6
    PHONE (02) 9369 3233
    ADDRESS 81 Edgecliff Rd, Bondi Junction NSW 2022

    Learning is fast when it is done in a happy environment. Many times youngsters find themselves learning even if they are not happy with what they do learn.

    The Holy Cross Catholic Primary School makes learning fast-tracked by creating what tickles the interest of the student while they learn.

    It is a co-education primary school saddled with the responsibility to create academic excellence matched by healthy well-being.

    Teachers at the School have been selected carefully from men and women who enjoy working with children, and this is evident in the learning outcomes, which have proven to be successful.

    Since 1906 when the school opened upon the vision of making people who will be instruments of God’s love and peace, many young people have come out of it with these values in mind.

    The parents, in conjunction with teachers and all the staff members, work together to bring excellence out of each child.

    Students also engage in sports activities, performing arts, dance, and drama among other pleasurable activities.

    The enrolment policies are simple. It begins in March, and it also admits students from all religious backgrounds, with the students having the mindset to respect all sacraments and liturgical practices.

    Usually, parents or carers of the students will be interviewed by the principal or a delegate from the staff members before enrolment is finalised.

    At this interview, certain documents like enrolment form, birth certificate, baptismal certificate, statement of immunisation, relevant medical records, and visa in the case where one newly arrived in Australia.


    So there you go, a comprehensive list of what we can term the best among the others, not just by name but by performances that verify this fact is what we have here as the best Catholic schools in Sydney.

    We hope you were able to see how attending a Catholic school has become one of the surest ways to make a difference in the life of youngsters.

    The Catholic schools have not stopped becoming a consistent option probably because they are not on the high side financially, and at the same time, they give the youngster that same quality education that they deserve while growing up.

    More so, students after attending these schools have better chances of being focused to learn, building good morals while getting an education, and being part of a community where their emotional, academic, and spiritual needs are met.

    The Catholic schools in Sydney all have something similar in common, and they both have the welfare of every student at the heart of the institution, its staff, and the student community at large.

    Meanwhile, the ones reviewed here give what anyone who has been through its systems attests to be the best form of all-around education.


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